About CS

Born as Frank Moison, in a dark december night,  the first music he very likely heard was Enrico Caruso singing Panis Angelicus.  From the start of his earthly existence, music was all around and he learned to listen to opera and other classical stuff.
Once mobile, sticks drummed on iron fences made ​​sounds that spoke to the imagination. A metal comb played on the wooden table was the first musical instrument and with rubber bands he made his first guitar.  Playing the mouthharp, CS had his first successes with an audience.
The purchase of and the experiments with the ‘kraakdoos’ were among the most exciting events in the teenage life of CS. The noise spectrum was gradually expanded and eagerly explored. Sounds and music were both in the head and everywhere. It led him on the adventurous recording path from the analog  Revox tape recorder to the digital laptop.
The guitar has never been far away and the last few years it plays even again a crucial role in the creative proces of making songs.
In 2013 followed by the release of the first official CS album “You got my eyes.”
A series of intimate songs. All original compositions and recorded in his own studio.
In 2016 the second album has been released, titled ‘What’s left & what’s to come’.